Royal Spades was born from the imagination of its creators, who felt the need to revolutionize the denim culture by making it bourgeoisie and desirable. The versatility of the jeans allows all fashion-forward individuals to find their iconic pair and feel regal.

At Royal Spades we are iconoclasts; we focus on the fit, the edginess and the quality.

Your role; to fit into raw perfection
We developed a concept that believes in making our customer feel as confident about the way they look in our jeans.

  • Super-flex elastane to provide ultimate stretch for a 360 degree dynamic movement.

  • Tuck technology methods incorporate a contouring waistband in every piece, thus subtly minimizing any flaws.

  • Image consultants work closely in our PXA Lab on highlighted distressed jeans to create pieces that flatter every shape and size.

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