We love the environment we live in as much as we love the fabric denim. Giving back what we get from this planet Earth is a priority here at Royal Spades.

Our first take on philanthropy starts with the Green Package Project.

Our jeans get packed into recyclable paper bags. Please dispense these paper envelopes in recyclable bin bags and bins to help us protect the environment and keep it clean.
Less energy
Less water
Less dye
We use 100% Azo free dyes during the process of denim washing
At Royal Spades we believe in attaining the feasible minimum wage for all our employees. The minimum age requirement for our staff is 18 years old as we do not believe in child labour.

We provide perks and bonuses to all our employees, depending on their performance and work hours.

Our factory undergoes health and safety checks on a regular basis in order to maintain a safe, clean and hygienic environment at all times.

We also hire handicapped individuals on our team to help them generate income for their families.
The cotton fiber used in our denim is harvested mainly by hand. Although a slower process in comparison to machine pulling, human pickers work in a much more cautious and environmental friendly manner. Hand picked cotton is much cleaner, since they only pick the clean raw cotton, leaving behind the large quantities of soil, leaves and other sediments. Hand picking cotton does not use defoliant, which reduces the chemical contamination of the cotton. This method allows us to reduce the consumption of gasoline.
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